Zombie eats homeless man alive caught on CCTV camera

A Miami man named Rudy Eugene aged around 31 lost his control when he found a homeless victim Ronald Poppo (65) sitting on roadside under a flyover bridge. Rudy pounded on the helpless victim who was weak to defend himself, chewed up Poppo’s face his eyes, nose, and mouth. The poor man was being eaten up as no one knew what went on until about 20 minutes passed when a distant CCTV camera zoomed in to notice something was very wrong. It was then the Police were called and help arrived for poor Poppo. The Police had to shoot 5 times into Rudy till he gave up on his appetite, helpless Poppo was amidst a bloody mess.

On investigation Rudy was found to have some unknown pills still in his stomach, and could have been battling with his mind lately. Whatever the Medics may term the reason for it, it is plainly evident that Rudy’s action is completely bizarre. Who could have such an uncontrollable appetite to eat another man? Could Rudy be a victim of a demonic possession? His unhuman strength of still continuing his attack on the victim gives us a hint to blame it on spiritual forces. I have seen videos of such incredible strength coming to people when in a demonic possession or a witch (videos I’ll post later). This incident gives us a live sample of how Zombie Apocalypse may be like.