Vodafone Illuminati Commercial (2011)

It seems that Vodafone has joined hands with Illuminati, or Vodafone was Illuminatic from the beginning we only didn’t know. Whatever it was now Vodafone is clearly showing Illuminati messages on it’s ads, thinking we won’t know it or understand. Unfortunately for them, groups like us are always “watching” them all the time, and soon we will come to a point where we will know exactly what they are conveying in their messages.

If the Illuminati is concerned about reading what we’re posting, we would like to let you know that don’t try to be smart, because we’re already smarter than you! Haha. We’ll I guess the Illuminati or whatever secret group you’re in, your seniors told you that it is you who are smarter than the rest of the world. Bad news for you, your high technology or secrecy or anything that you think of so great is nothing in God’s sight. If God wants he can crush your boss into pieces, but that’s not how God works he is patient and wants to give your boss some time to show off his full strength, then you all will know the limitations of your bosses’ full strength!

Repent and come back while you still have time. I never intended to write all this when I started it, but I believe it is the leading of the Holy Spirit that I should write this message. Whoever this message God has intended for, please take it seriously and turn back to him. Ask, God will show you his mysterious secrets hidden from the beginning of time, Seek him while he can be found, Knock and He will open his door to you!

And for the Illuminati commercial.. well they can do as many commercials they want, they’re still going nowhere!

The End.

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