Satanic inverted pentagram painted all over Chennai city

Picture showing spray painting on a white wall "believe in Jesus Christ only"

The inverted pentagram in Chennai walls

It is quite shocking to know that the pentragram symbol with a big circle around it is being painted all over Chennai city, India. Undoubtedly, this is being done by Satanists who live in the city wanting to promote their weird philosophies and signalling people to join Satanism. Quite naturally the Christians of this city have come forward with a protest against such drawing and began to strike them and write Christian phrases beside them. It seems a cold war has been triggered against Satanism in Chennai.

Could the Pentagram represent something common instead of Evil?

Satanic Pentagram with the Goat of Mendes in the middle

Satanic Pentagram with the Goat of Mendes

No. Although some believe it to be neutral and also as in the above embedded facebook page the author describes the pentagram to be something common – it is simply not true. The Pentagram is now definitely Satanic and is exclusively used by Wiccans, Freemasons,  Satanists, and other Luciferian groups right from the ancient times.

Pentagram explained

The point-up pentagram is used by Witches, Wiccans, and Warlocks and is used to conjure up supposedly ‘good spirits’. The pentagram pointing downwards is used for Evil purposes to conjure up bad spirits. The Pentagram connects the physical world to the Spiritual Realm – the use of the four elements of Nature in the four sides of the Pentagram indicates this, the one point not associated with the four elements connects to the Spiritual Realm.

Pentagram with the Four Elements of Nature indicated - Air, Water, Earth, Fire

Four elements of Nature as used much in Astrology is what the Pentagram represents.

Hidden Pentagrams in popular Corporate Logo Icons

One of the best places to ‘hide’ something is in plain sight! These Satanists have integrated this Pentagram in so many different forms so that the general public will never understand them.

Microsoft Windows is one famous corporation that uses this Pentagram in a visually distorted and hidden manner.

Microsoft Windows logo icons

Microsoft Windows logo has the four elements of Nature as symbolized by the Pentagram!

Google Chrome also is another big IT giant which uses the same Pentagram symbolism in it’s corporate logo. We don’t stop with Chrome, but the entire Google Inc logo itself is embroiled in these four colours – red, green, yellow, and blue- the four elements of nature.

Google Chrome logo

Google Chrome is another corporation using the Pentagram symbolism of the four elements of Nature.

Apart from these two, there are countless other corporates which integrated this Pentagram and other Satanic sybols into logo icons. Example: AVG Antivirus.

What are they trying to achieve?

Well, that’s a big question here. They don’t tell us, we never asked them, everything is kept in secret, nothing is open to the world. We think they want lots of people to join Satan’s evil side help him with his activities against God. Especially when he’s got limited time – “…He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.” Rev. 12:12

They are trying to catch people and thrust Satanic philosophies before common people can get to know Christ. If you are one of those who come under ‘common people’ they will definitely come after you! They have already sowed the ‘seeds’ that already works in your mind. All they have to do is give you some extra talk and bingo! you’re fallen! Do not let this happen to you. If you are searching for God you better watch this video which can help you’re path.

Never ever fall for this cheap trick of Satan talking you into stupid philosophies. You must know what is the Truth!