New Delhi road map reveals Masonic symbolism when seen in Google Maps

Few years ago I made frequent trips to New Delhi and kept noticing many symbols from the air. I least expected any masonic symbolism to see in Indian soil that too as big as the city of New Delhi! It turned out to be an astonishing discovery one sleepless night I spent staring at New Delhi city map in Google Maps and noticed many symbols – Pentagons, Stars, lines pointing at places, and circles. All of the symbols I have seen many times in Freemasonry, Satanism and Witchcraft. So I drew lines in Google Earth and recorded it for you! This is the very first discovery of Masonic symbols in Indian map ever in the internet, and I hope this will lead you to many new unexplored discoveries in the future!

Looking at this I understand India has a very important role in the New World Order as no other place have these intense Masonic symbolism in a city road map other than Washington DC. So that means, New Delhi comes second after Washington DC! No wonder Indian natural resources such as soil, metal ores, crude oils, and many more essential resources have not been publicized yet – just as in Africa. They’re saving it for the New World so they can enjoy them with all it’s riches, while people now living there are made to live in a sick, low economy, corrupt Nation as India.

You can see two elongated stars in the New Delhi city map, one star pointing to the North and one pointing to the West. The thing that gave me the chills is that when you draw a line straight to North of the star pointing North, go straight beyond the Indian boarders and over all the Countries North of India and go straight to other side of the planet you will see that the line leads to Easter Island – the most strangest place on earth and where unexplainable ancient remains remain! And, also draw a line straight out of the star pointing to the East, go over every national boarder and over every country, sea and ocean. You will again end up on Easter Island! This will give you the chills if you know what is going on on Easter Island, and how they kept all the researchers and archeologists mind blown ever since they’ve known about that tiny piece of land in the middle of almost ‘nowhere’. (please note, I have not video clipped my drawing into Easter Island in this video, hopefully I’ll put it up soon.)

Please do not be offended when we say ‘Satanic symbolism’ pointing to these symbols. We are no way pointing to any accepted religion. Some of these symbols may be used in part or wholly in some religions but they have different meaning interpreted differently, and these religions do not necessarily draw huge symbols in City maps and keep it a ‘secret’ for centuries! It is the work of the Secret Societies which we are trying to disclose through this website and in no intention to hurt any religious values.