Kamal Haasan is modern day Nostradamus

Kamal Haasan from the film Dasavatharam

Kamal Haasan is a top actor in Tamil film industry acting from his early childhood in 1960 and starred around 200 films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. He is known for his amazing ability act and direct films so realistically attracting millions of fans. He is from a Brahmin family but contrary to Brahmin beliefs he is an athiest and brings out his views in his films every time.

Is Kamal a prophet?

Well, many think he is because he as been predicting the future like no one else can really foretell. He has been giving subtle information on his own films coming up in Tamil about major world catastrophies. Shall we believe he is a prophet when he says Ebola-Marburg is a synthetic bio weapon in his recent film Dasavatharam (2008)? Or when he mentioned Tsunami one year before the world first knew the term ‘tsunami’ in his film Anbesivam (2003)?

Kamal Hasan fortells Ebola virus six years before

The dreaded virus that rocks Africa has been foretold in Kamal’s film Dasavatharam in 2008 itself. How Kamal knew the term Ebola is a mystery since God coudn’t have told him – he’s an athiest. God don’t speak to athiests! In this film in one particular scene he says, “It’s a synthetic bio weapon, It’s a Ebola -Marburg combination. It’s very lethal.”

Kamal fortells Tsunami one year before occurance

No one knew what to call that dreaded monstrous sea wave that mercilessly intruded landmasses of East Asia, India and Sri Lanka in 2004 December. The giant sea wave didn’t have a name for at least a week. People never called it by any name at least for a month. After the continous talk about it on media people learnt the name this devasating apocalyptic wave had and called it “Tsunami”. But before all this happened prophet Kamal Haasan the Tamil film actor and director already used this word Tsunami in his Film in 2003 Anbesivam.

Kamal Haasan predicted Gujarat riots

In Kamal Haasan’s film “Hey Ram” (2000) he portrayed a riot scene very similar to the Gujarat riots two years later.

Noida psychopath killers also predicted

“Vettaiyadu Vilayadu” is another Tamil film directed by Kamal Haasan he seem to have predicted two psychopath killers in Noida serial killing came to light few years later.

List of other predictions by Kamal Haasan:

According to another website there are more foretellings of future events in his films.

1) In 1978, Kamal’s Tamil movie “Sivappu Rojakal” was released. He played the role of a Psychopath killer (femicide). A year later, a guy named “Psycho Raman” was caught for brutally murdering people especially women.

2) In 1988, Kamal played the role of an unemployed youth in the movie “Sathya”. In 89-90’s our country faced lot of problems due to unemployment.

3) In 1992, his blockbuster movie “Devar Magan” was released. It’s a village based subject. The movie portrayed scenes of communal clashes. Exactly a year later in 1993, there were many communal clashes in southern districts.

4) We all know in 1996 many people in our country was cheated by finance companies. Kamal Hassan had clearly depicted this in his movie “Mahanadhi” which was released in 1994, well a year in advance.

5) In “Hey Ram”(2000), there are few scenes relating to Hindu Muslim clashes. We all know 2 years later, Godhra (Gujarat riots) incident happened.

6) He used a word called ‘tsunami’ in his movie “Anbe Sivam”(2003).The word ‘TSUNAMI’ was not known to many people before. In 2004, ‘tsunami’ stuck the east coast of our country and many people lost their lives.

7) In his movie “Vettaiyadu Vilayadu “(2006) there are two characters called Ilamaran & Amudhan who played the roles of psychopath killers. After 3 months of release of the movie, the NOIDA serial killing came to light (Moninder & Sathish)

8) In his latest movie “Dasavatharam” in 2008 he mentioned about a deadly virus, which spread via air, that may destroy the world. Now in 2009 we have the Swine Flu that spreads through air. And to be specific, in the movie Kamal develops a bio weapon and finds out the deadly effect of the virus in a lab in America. Now the first case of Swine Flu was detected in Mexico (America).

What on earth is happening?

Giving a picture of an athiest Kamal Haasan has been secretly giving out vital information before they happen. Can we take it as supernatural or a conspiracy leaked? Whatever it is we are certainly missing out some very important things somewhere. He could be hinting to something or boasting that ‘they’ can do anything they wish and no one can question ‘them’, and if we’re still blind to our false reality that we live in, we will have to meet some bad consequences.