Jordan Maxwell emerges from years of seclusion

Legendary author, lecturer and radio host Jordan Maxwell emerged from relative seclusion to grant Infowars an exclusive interview regarding his life’s work shedding light on secret societies, occult mysticism and the inner workings of the power elite. Jordan Maxwell has spent all his life associated with the elite and has kept his mouth shut on things that can blow your mind, not anymore he has started to expose what he has seen all his lifetime.

Maxwell has 53 years experience of immense research on occultism, speaking to public disclosing boldly about secret socieites, the occult, religions, and their conspiracies.

Maxwell says that your body is a corporation, thats why when we die we are called ‘corpse’. We may be good corporation or bad corporations, but we are in any way ‘corporations’.

By law, you are a Company according to international maritime admiralty law. You are money (a company) according to law. Therefore whatever you do is ‘business’ by law.

Anything you do must have a license, a business must have a license. For example when you’re going to get married one business is going to do business with another corporation. That’s why we get a marriage license. For anything you do you need to get a permit or a license for it.

We have the statue of Liberty in America, note that it is not a statue of Freedom but ‘Statue of Liberty’. In mariner’s language, when a sailor wants to go out of the ship when it’s docked in a sea port the Captain of the ship gives the sailor a ‘Liberty’ which is a permit to go out. Sailors say ‘We got Liberty’, not ‘freedom’. In america you don’t have Freedom, but Liberty. Which means you ask permission, and get a permit or a license.  Without the license that will be unlawful.

The point is that you and I are bought and sold at the New York stock exchange everyday with a price and we have absolutely no idea how these things work.

People are taken to Court on law suits. You play Basketball in a Court, Tennis in a Court, … What does it mean?? There are certain conditions to be considered while in the Court, must follow the rules of the game. When you see the basketball game in the court you see one team of lawers and another team of lawers, and the according to the International Banking law (the Maritime Admiralty) is to put the ball in the other team’s court. And you have the Referree who is the Judge and he decides what happened and who is right, whatever he says happened is what happened.

In the Court is a fence and a gate, the Judge sits inside and the people sit on the other side. The Gate represents the ‘Water Gate’ as in the Panama Canal which opens up and raises the ship. When a person is called and puts his hands on the gate he accesses the ‘Flood Gate’ on the Maritime Admiralty Law.

No one really understands any of this, but when they do, you will begin to see how everything really works. Our bodies being 70% water we understand how we are Maritime Admiralty water product and see how this is play is very much mind blowing – the words, the terms, the symbols, and our bodies are a biological and electrical unit. And when the accused stands in front of the judge, someone else has to ‘bail you out’. Bailout is a term also used for when financial help is lended to a failing corporation – note the stunning similarity and symbology.

And all this is just the beginning, you must really watch this video to get the full of it! Please do watch it.