Finally they have entered into Kollywood:ILLUMINATI


The anti-chirst group Illuminati who is been controlling the mind of the people world wide has started to control the tamilians by kollywood. Earlier Illuminati bagged industries like Hollywood, Bollywood,American music industry, Hindi music industry etc with most top celebrities, making them symbolize their logo which is pyramid with an eye(all seeing eye).




Now they have started to bag Artists from Tamil Film Industry(kollywood) for controlling the mind of tamilians.

The Illuminati people has roped the relative of Super Star Rajinikanth, The Kolaveri Boy Anuridh Ravichandran. He has been found showing the symbol of Illuminati in his recently released single “Namma Chennai Chance-ae illa”.


Anirudh Ravichandran got influenced with Illuminati by Punjabi Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh(who is a member of the group for more than 10 years) while composing Tamil song “Ethir Neechal”.

Artists Joins Illuminati for name,fame and money but they should symbolize the symbol of Illuminati(pyramid with eye) and they will be forced to sell their soul to the satan.

Currently Anuridh Ravichndran has started to symbolize the symbol of Illuminati for name, fame and money and he would also recommend his fellow-mates to join Illuminati. Soon The industry will be corrupted and satan will use this medium to control the minds of tamil people.

Illuminati people have started to control Tamilians minds by  Tamil based entertainment factor like Television serials, Music,Movies etc. So please don’t listen or watch to Kollywood movies or songs any more.

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  • Jagadesh S

    ANirudh and Simbu Illuminati Puppets