Hijacked Malaysian Airlines MH-370 and the Patent Rights Conspiracy


The mystery surrounding the Malaysian Airlines MH-370 is growing as each day passes with more mysterious silence shadowing the disappearance of the airline. Now that it is conclusive and likely that the airline pilots were involved in the hijacking the aircraft and who alone must have navigated the enormous airline MH-370 into a never ending darkness, more and more conspiracy theories are beginning to boom in the internet.

The KL-03 micro chip by Freescale Semiconductor

The KL-03 micro chip by Freescale Semiconductor

Such one is the Freescale Semiconductor’s ARM microcontroller ‘KL-03′ which is a new improvised version of an older microcontroller KL-02. This crazy story about how Illuminati Rothschild exploited the airlines to gain full Patent Rights of an incredible KL-03 micro-chip is going haywire across the internet especially when it’s involving Jacob Rothschild as the evil master plotter. Well, I myself believed it at the beginning until I did some cross checks. And there are many conspiracies arising out of this missing Malaysian Airlines but this one I thought should be posted on our site.


Missing Malaysian Airlines and Freescale Semiconductor Rothschild Conspiracy

Four days after Flight MH-370 disappeared into thin air the Patent Office in the United States announced the patent rights of a newly developed micro chip, one that could be used for the Mark of the Beast bio-chip with the RFID, according to the coming age of the Antichrist, will be used world wide in order to implant every single person and give the Satanic Illuminati’s mark of the beast to everyone’s hand or forehead. This is Ok, we know the evil conspirators have been planning this for so long and it is important to hold a patent right for something with such a huge market base and a vast potential for profit.

Patent is divided up on 20% increments to 5 holders:Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20%)
Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20%)
Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20%)
Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20%)
Freescale Semiconductor (20%)
If a patent holder dies then the remaining holder equally share the benefits. And if 4 out of 5 dies then the one alive gets it all. That is “Freescale Semiconductor”. The names of the four people does not appear on the Flight’s Manifest, however people think they were actually on that plane.

Freescale and Rothschild

Who or what is Freescale Semiconductor? Well, it is a company owned by Blackstone, and who own’s Blackstone? It’s Jacob Rothschild, possibly with his proxies! Jacob Rothschild serves as a member of the International Advisory Board in Blackstone. And there’s the connection. Freescale is part of the Illuminati’s empire. And no wonder 20 of the employees of Freescale Semiconductor have been reported traveling in that Malaysian Airline that went missing, helped and cleverly orchestrated avoiding all radar traces whatsoever in this modern age. The employees may have been teamed up with the hijackers.

Hijack and the Illuminati

With all these stories running, although part of this may be true (though unlikely), it is possible in someway that the Illuminati Conspirators are behind this modern age hijack which still baffles our minds. The pilots couldn’t have flown the plane for 7 long hours just to crash that plane into the water, they could have done that within an hour it that’s what was on their minds. The plane could have landed somewhere in a preplanned destination and the media and the governments are covering it up.

The passengers mobile phones were ringing that morning, most of them online on messengers. The telephone experts simply dismissed it off never to be talked about again. But it is a fact that most of the relatives reported the phones were on, it is just a matter of fact that “they” know where the signal was from but they just need to hide it. Such things always props up all kinds of conspiracy theories, and sadly some of them could actually be true!

  • tyyJoe Smith

    People open your eyes they are using us as puppets don’t fall victim ww3 is almost here

  • JB Smith

    The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act is the worst scam ever perpetrated on the American people. Former U. S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin Warns: Biochips Hazardous to Your Health: Warning, biochips may cause behavioral changes and high suicide rates. State Attorney Generals are to revoke the licenses of doctors and dentists that implant chips in patients. Chip used illegally for GPS, tracking, organized crime, communication and torture. Virginia state police have been implanting citizens without their knowledge and consent for years and they are dying!
    Former Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) director and now Google Executive, Regina E. Dugan, has unveiled a super small, ingestible microchip that we can all be expected to swallow by 2017. “A means of authentication,” she calls it, also called an electronic tattoo, which takes NSA spying to whole new levels. She talks of the ‘mechanical mismatch problem between machines and humans,’ and specifically targets 10 – 20 year olds in her rant about the wonderful qualities of this new technology that can stretch in the human body and still be functional. Hailed as a ‘critical shift for research and medicine,’ these biochips would not only allow full access to insurance companies and government agencies to our pharmaceutical med-taking
    compliancy (or lack thereof), but also a host of other aspects of our lives which are truly none of their business, and certainly an extension of the removal of our freedoms and rights.
    The ARRA authorizes payments to the states in an effort to encourage Medicaid Providers to adopt and use “certified EHR technology” aka biochips. ARRA will match $5 for every $1 a state provides. Hospitals are paid $2 million to create “crisis
    stabilization wards” (Gitmo’s) where state police torture people – even unto death. They stopped my heart 90 times in 6 hours. Virginia state police have murdered so many already and admit to it!
    Mary E. Schloendorff, v. The Society of New York Hospital 105 N. E. 92, 93 (N. Y. 1914) Justice Cardozo states, “every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what shall be done with his own body; and a surgeon who performs an operation without his patient’s consent, commits an assault, for which he is liable in damages. (Pratt v Davis, 224 Ill. 300; Mohr v Williams, 95 Minn. 261.)

    This case precedent requires police to falsely arrest you or kidnap you and call you a mental health patient. You can also be forced to have a biochip if you have an infectious disease – like Eboli. Coalition of Justice vs the City of Hampton, VA settled a case out of court for $500,000 and removal of the biochip. Torture is punishable by $1,000 per day up to $2 million; Medical battery is worth $2.05 million. Come to Virginia and get your money! They can be held personally liable under color of the law.