Halloween Human Sacrifices exposed by former Satanist

Glenn Hobbs, a former Satanist and High Priest in the Coven, exposes what happens in the Satanic Covens and especially on Halloween.

There was another child who was with Glenn in the coven, she was quite a different girl because she was ‘blessed to be a sacrifice’ just like I was blessed to be a High Priest. She was born in the coven specifically for the purpose of sacrifice.

Glenn and the girl Becky were married together in a ritual for Halloween, the marriage was ‘a marriage to the Beast’. A lot of sexual abuse, and blood shed over both in the ritual of joining both together.

Halloween Rituals begins at the end of September, the abuses were intense during the Halloween, both our clothes removed, taken to several little rooms where rituals happen. The next few weeks we were left in a shack, a primitive little shelter where a lot of rituals continue, animals killed, blood shed. They summon Lucifer and his spirit to come and possess Glenn.

Halloween night the little girl was put at the back of a van with Glenn both drugged. He says, “the van stopped somewhere and I heard a lot of people outside chanting and murmuring on low voice.” The girl was taken out where he was left in the van, after a long time he too was taken out and saw a huge crowd of people waiting to get a look at him.

He was taken to a stone altar where the girl was tied both hand and feet stretched apart. Glenn says, “Normally animals were sacrificed on the altar, we never know what’s going on there till you see it – that’s how it is in the covens.” She was so white, and pale. Both her feet tied stretched apart, hands tied same manner. Bottom of her foot and her palms were slit open and the blood was filled in cups for the High Priest and others to drink.

The High Priest took Glenn’s hands on a knife, placed his hands over his and “forced it into her chest” Glenn tells.

“So when I think back on Halloween, that night where they killed that innocent little girl… and this is something that is happening every halloween” he says. “there are so many children all over the world LOOSING THEIR LIVES during Halloween night and we as a society we celebrate Halloween we go door to door ask for candy and it’s celebration to us” .

It’s quite ironic that one group of people are thinking it’s fun, and another group of people is taking human lives. No body wants to face the facts on what’s really going on..