Though we are totally dedicated to this work, it does require a lot of time, energy and money put to it in order to deliver the right kind of output that we aim for. Right now we do not have any income though this website because we first intended not to make money out of it ever, but since we are not able to meet the expenses to effectively continue the work we are seeking donation from those who can donate. We have been trying to generate income through other sources (other than this program) but it greatly hindered this work from happening.

You may be aware that the ‘end times’ are nearing, the word has to go out so people may prepare themselves for such conditions and our work is what it is about. As you might have known ‘darkness’ has prepared itself in secret for their day, it is to us to shine the light as soon as possible. Time is extremely short.

Whatever you give us although little is certainly big for us, and the work that can be done even with little is so great and extremely necessary. So I personally encourage you to give according to your interest on this, it will certainly encourage us very much, indeed! We promise you not one cent will be unnecessarily expended.

Thank you in advance!