BOMBSHELL: There Are Massacres Of Christians Happening Right Now That Is Worse Than What ISIS Is Doing And Is Carried Out By Psuedo-Christian Cults – Walid Shoebat

The love of death is becoming popular globally as the world plunges into darkness getting closer to the tribulations. To say that the love of death is primarily ISIS and Islam is a myth. The reality is that there are several death cults manifesting in pseudo-Christian churches which are cropping up luring millions in San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, New Orleans, Miami and other U.S. cities running from Central America, Mexico and to the U.S. The phenomenon is currently plunging Mexico back to the Mesoamerican Olmec and Aztec times including their infamous reputation practicing bloodthirsty human sacrifices by decapitation, skinning people alive before their hearts are removed and their bodies dismembered.

The ritual sacrifices is even much worse from what westerners see in ISIS yet is gaining much less attention. In Mexico for example, the ritualistic killings are not only being carried out under the label of satanism. Under the guise of being Catholic we have the Santa Muerte cult and under the guise of being Protestant we have the Los Temmplarios (The Templars) who are pseudo-Evangelical biblical gymnasts that manipulate the Holy Scriptures.

Both are converting multitudes into their death cults. The agendas of these pseudo-Christian cults remain 

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