About Closed Truth project

In this website we try to expose world’s most strangest and darkest secrets. Mysteries starting right from the very beginning of human existence on this planet, leading throughout hundreds and thousands of years of human history, ancient mysteries prevailing even till this modern age. We give you the ‘big picture’ of things happening behind the scenes – under the hood. As you take time and go through this website you will see a hundred different things fall into place like a jig-saw puzzle, finally you will get enlightened with the grand big picture – the real story of everything!

Truth is stranger than fiction

If you are new to these subjects you may not believe immediately because you have been brainwashed by the “system” in which you were born into. If you are one of those who reject these information I humbly ask you to cross check on every single thing we say, do your own research and I;m sure you will find out the Truth. Believe me, there are now hundreds of websites like ours who are seriously working to bring truth to the open, and we need your cooperation.

You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free

John 8:32 That’s right, that’s what we’re trying to do here. We are trying to let the world know the truth. And if you know the truth, you will find a way out of your slavery. But as they say, “truth is stranger than fiction” what we expose in this website will blow your mind!

Read with an Open Mind

We humbly request you not to see with your existing, biased, traditional understanding of things but always have a logical reasoning for everything with an honest open mind. Test every evidence, and come to your own conclusions.

What will you get out of this?

In the end, you will be benefited by finding answers to many philosophical questions like, what is the meaning of human existence on Earth? Does God exist? Does life have a purpose? Will the Earth last forever? Can human civilization find another place to live? How can we save ourselves? And many more.

War of the Cosmos

Accept it or deny it: Our World – the entire universe is at War, and we must realize this fact now. And because this war is not made of physical weapons we don’t realize it’s presence. This is an Invisible War. Battle of Cosmic Powers since beginning of Time in which YOU and I are a part of. I’m sure our lives proved the fatal attacks of this battle. Have we accepted to be ‘normal’ what is ‘abnormal’?

It’s time we woke up!

Share the information

The work published in this website is the result of years of sincere research, gathering material, evidences, and crosschecking many things. You are welcome to share our information published on this website with mentioning our website in your material; if you are copying on an online platform such as a blog please do not copy the entire article as it will disrupt our original content and may affect how search engines rate our website, in this case copy a paragraph or few sentences giving a link to our original article. If communicating verbally please mention our website name. Thanks for the credit!